The Goal of the Central Coast Veterans’ Cemetery? To Honor Their Service

Curious about our partnership with the Central Coast Veterans’ Cemetery Foundation? Veterans Day is the perfect time to give you a brief lowdown!

Here’s some info on the history of the CCVCF and what it means for California veterans:

Military Graveyard

Being laid to rest with the proper honors is just one of our veterans’ basic rights.

The former Fort Ord served as an active military installation for nearly a century and embodies a history of considerable local and national military significance. Nearly 25 years ago, a group of veterans representing all branches of military service began a mission to honor all veterans by hoping to establish a National Veterans Cemetery on the Central Coast.

In 1991, with the announcement of Fort Ord’s closure, an important opportunity surfaced to create a final resting place for veterans and their spouses. A 178-acre site was set aside in the 1997 Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) Base Reuse Plan for a veterans’ cemetery east of General Jim Moore Boulevard at the corner of Parker Flats Road and Normandy Avenue.

WWII Combat Veterans, American Flag

These brave men and women signed up to serve us – let’s serve them in return.

Because a federal cemetery exists within 100 miles of former Fort Ord (the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery in Gustine), the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) determined that it would grant funds to design and build a Veterans Cemetery but the facility would have to be State owned and operated. Fortunately, the State/California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) agreed to operate and manage such a facility.

In 2002, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation (CCVCF), was formed to help raise funds for the establishment of a new Veterans Cemetery at former Fort Ord.

Serving California and our founder, B. Wayne Hughes Jr., are proud to partner with the CCVCF in the task of providing a proper resting place to our nation’s heroes. In 2014, the 78 acres of the cemetery site were deemed clear for cemetery design and construction, allowing the state to secure Federal funds for design and construction. Title to the 78 acres was then transferred from the Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) to the State (CalVet) following verification of munitions cleanup.

Veteran Cemetery

We’re proud to have supported a foundation striving to honor our veterans.

In 2015, thanks to leaders in the state of California and many generous donors, $3.5 million (for required 10% “local matching” funds for the Federal VA grant and the required 30% State administration fees) were garnered and the VA construction grant was obtained for the first 17-acre segment.

The Federal grant did not provide sufficient funds for a full-service cemetery. The first 17 acres accommodate cremated remains only, and there will be no capacity for placement of caskets until the CCVCF is able to fund the next 28-acre phase.

The purpose of the Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery at Fort Ord is to provide a place of final rest for members of all branches of the military, and their spouses and dependent children. For more information, contact the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation at P.O. Box 849, Marina CA 93955 or send an email to

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