California Former ‘Lifer’ Inmates Giving Back

Serving California is so excited to join our partner, Training Center, in an historic program being introduced into the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to effectively reduce recidivism and bring heightened awareness to the impact crime has on victims.

Training Center has developed two curriculum driven programs which have been approved by the CDCR, which will be activated in September 2017. One is a Victim Impact Program, and the other is a program designed to morally rehabilitate and provide life-changing alternatives for men and women who have been convicted of felony homicide.

This innovative programming is one of many the CDCR has funded thru grants designed to fund new programs which will specifically reduce recidivism, in prison violence, and address the impact of violent crime on the victims. The CDCR has been making major changes within the department with the goal of reducing the inmate population through real-life rehabilitation.

Ex-Lifers Giving BackTraining Center is a State recognized expert on reentry and transitioning ex-offenders back into the community. The California Parole Department, the CDCR, the Board of Prison Terms, as well as multiple state and county law enforcement departments and courts, have interacted with Training Center for the last 15 years with positive results. Literally, hundreds of ex-offenders have completed the Training Center program, and have successfully reentered their various communities to become productive law abiding citizens.

Now, with this new opportunity to deliver the Victim Impact Program and Giving Life Back to Lifer’s Program, Training Center will once again be at the head of innovation as they reintroduce ex-lifer inmates back into the state prisons to teach incarcerated men and women this new curriculum. And Serving California is excited to have some of our TUMI Students/Graduates involved as Program Delivery volunteers.

Serving California has fully funded The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) in 27 California State Prison’s, delivering a 3 ½ year seminary education to over 1,800 inmates. These TUMI graduates have forged major paths towards changing the culture of prison, and the recidivism rate speaks volumes to the impact of this college-level education. TUMI students who parole are tracked for a period of 5 years, and the recidivism rate for these TUMI students is 5.8%, which is far below the average California State Prison recidivism rate hovering at 45%.

If you are interested in learning more about Serving California and our work with inmates and former inmates, check us out here.

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