Serving USA’s July 2019 Newsletter

It was a year ago in our July 2018 newsletter that we shared with you the great news that our Board of Directors had made the decision for us to expand our tent stakes and look for opportunities to grow and partner outside the State of California. We had modest short-term goals in a few States. Here is a brief update.

In addition to all of the great work and partnerships we have throughout the State of California, we now are partnered in prison ministry, prisoner reentry and women’s recovery ministry in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas. Additionally, we have received requests and invitations to look at opportunities in 2020 in the States of Michigan, Florida, Kansas and Indiana.

We also have our eyes on a few other opportunities in other States, as well as continuing to grow in existing States.

Read more about our expansion and other news in our July 2019 Newsletter.

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