Serving USA’s May 2020 Newsletter

May is Military Appreciation Month. Personally, I couldn’t be more appreciative of our active military and veterans. My son Timothy has been deployed in Iraq and comes home next month and I can’t wait to see him. Timothy is in the Air Force and is a para-rescueman or “PJ” as they are more commonly known. He has been in Iraq working as a combat medic alongside a Navy Seal Team. The PJ’s have a unique and special role in the military and also have a unique motto. Their motto is simply stated- “That Others May Live”. Their sole focus is to save lives. They put themselves in harm’s way to rescue other servicemen and women and civilians as well. It is a noble and challenging calling.

Our two featured partners this month have also responded to a noble and challenging calling to serve our veterans and provide them Hope and Change, which is why Serving USA has come alongside to support them in their mission. I trust you will enjoy learning more about them and the impact they are making in our veteran’s lives in this month’s newsletter.

– Greg Bruce, Serving USA President

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