Serving USA’s September 2020 Newsletter

My wife and I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren living in the Portland, OR metro area and we live just across the Columbia River which separates Oregon from the State of Washington. September has been a particularly devastating time for residents of Oregon. Much of the State has been on fire, entire towns no longer exist and over half a million people needed to evacuate their homes due to threats from fire and smoke. Serving USA has three partner organizations in the area, serving hundreds of clients that were also adversely impacted.

Late last week, the rains began to arrive and the temperatures have dropped and the winds shifted and people were able to come out of their houses and begin to breathe again after nearly two straight weeks under what was considered the most unhealthful air quality index on the planet. It got me thinking about all of the individuals that our partner organizations serve and minister to each day that are coming out of unhealthful lifestyles and adversely impacted by traumatic events.

Our partner organizations, like LAST Ministry and Generate Hope, both featured in this month’s newsletter, are conduits of God’s grace which breathes fresh air and hope into their lives. I know you will enjoy learning more about these fine ministries and all that they are doing to help transform lives.

– Greg Bruce

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