March Newsletter 2021

At Serving USA, one of our primary objectives and focuses is to come alongside our ministry partner’s and work with ex-offenders once they are released from jail or prison and to give them the tools and resources they need to integrate successfully back into our communities.
It is important that we approach our work inside and outside of prisons across the nation with wisdom and factual knowledge. Working with various offenders over the years has provided us with some unique experiences and has taught us that everyone is redeemable.
Serving USA proudly supports our partners who deliver faith-based programming inside and outside of prisons across the country seeking the moral rehabilitation and training of all offenders for success upon release from custody. We fully understand that without moral rehabilitation, the actual transformation of a person’s standards, thinking process and subsequent choices is much harder to achieve. It is Serving USA’s aim, that together with our partners, every inmate we work with is fully equipped to succeed, inside and outside of prison, regardless of their criminal history or background.
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