Post-traumatic Stress Awareness Month offers a reminder that while sufferers might feel helpless and alone in their experience, PTS is a common anxiety disorder which can be treated and recovered from. Post-traumatic Stress and symptoms can present as an outcome from experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, or having been threatened with death, or from sexual violence or serious injury.
Serving USA’s partners working with veterans, prisoners and women in recovery can attest to the fact that many clients in these three distinct populations share suffering from PTS in common. Just as the trauma varies from person to person, treatments offered for PTS come in a number of forms. In North America, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers see PTS as a growing, big business and focus on developing new products and antidepressants, which are more readily prescribed than ever before.
While medicine certainly works for many clients, the holistic approach of a treatment plan that also includes self-care, a support group and/or therapist, spiritual development, is also incredibly important. Serving USA supports our partners working to enhance mental health awareness, and encourages further conversations related to Post-traumatic Stress and how working together we can combat stigmas and seek lasting solutions.
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