• Trusted Advisor– One of the distinct advantages of financially supporting Serving USA is that you can trust that we have done the legwork for you to diligently vet each organization and ministry we support. We have evaluated their leadership teams, we have evaluated their program results and we have evaluated them for financial accountability and stewardship.


  • One Gift, Multiple Impact– Another distinct advantage of financially supporting Serving USA is that your gift is multiplied across numerous ministries and organizations and not just one. When you give to Serving USA, your gift can go to support many quality organizations serving in all three spaces that are core to our mission. Additionally, you can designate your gift and be more targeted, if you so wish.


  • Double Your Donation– Several people have asked us, “Why should we give to Serving USA, when we can just give directly to one of the other organizations that you support?” Well, in addition to the fact that we have already vetted these organizations for you, any gift that you make to Serving USA gets doubled through the generosity of one of our major donors. Additionally, 100% of your gift and 100% of the matching gift will go directly to these ministries. Nothing is set aside or allocated for overhead or general administration.


  • Volunteer– Let us put you in touch with one of our partner organizations to volunteer your time and make a difference in the lives of Prisoners, Women in Recovery and Veterans.


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