21 military veterans are committing suicide a day. Serving USA is making a difference to better support current military veterans, providing tools and resources to overcome their challenges and reduce the suicide rate; restoring them to their families and communities. ServingĀ USA has invested millions of dollars over the last few years to support programming for active military and veterans suffering from PTSD. Since inception, we have had ZERO program participants commit suicide. We have received numerous testimonies from our vets and their families of lives transformed, marriages restored and parents reunited with their children. Watch and see how one of our partners are using SCUBA to help veterans.


SkyRose Ranch's beauty is amazing, and every detail is thought out.
It makes you feel overwhelmed that someone would go to all that trouble just for you.

Reed Hastey - Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs


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We provide an array of services and innovative programming to our wounded warriors, placing a special emphasis on PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) and combat trauma issues that lead to a suicide rate of 21 per day, as well as are contributing factors to violence, crime and homelessness.


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California Entrepreneur &...

Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside) announced today that B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., an entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of SkyRose Ranch in San Miguel which treats veterans with...

The Goal of the Central Coast...

Curious about our partnership with the Central Coast Veterans’ Cemetery Foundation? Veterans Day is the perfect time to give you a brief lowdown! Here’s some info on the history...


Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day?

Do you ever wonder why we celebrate Veterans Day every year? If so, you’re not alone – a shocking number of Americans observe this holiday every year without a clear...

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