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Christian Ministry Q&A with Johnny Lujan of Freedom Through Education

Johnny is the CEO at Freedom Through Education and has been leading the organization since 2019. Johnny believes in second chances. His passion for philanthropy stems from the many struggles he faced as a child and young adult both internally and externally. He realized that one momentary lack of judgment can change the direction of an entire life. In turn, one positive change can redirect that same broken life into a generational change for good.

Johnny is a US Navy veteran, Dale Carnegie Graduate, Distinguished Toastmaster, Philanthropist, Husband, Father, and Grandfather.

About Serving USA Ministry Partner, Freedom Through Education

Johnny’s Motto: “ALWAYS FORWARD”

Freedom Through Education exists to provide members of disadvantaged communities the freedom to a more successful life by expanding the choices they have through services in the areas of education, spirituality, life skills, treatment services, and employment skills. By design, Freedom Through Education provides a variety of programs that are individualized and based on the identified needs of the participants. Servicing a variety of clients, their primary clients are homeless, male, adult parolees. They currently offer Sober Living Environments, Transitional Housing, Transitional Living and Outpatient Services.

Freedom Through Education recognizes they do not have control over the choices their clients make but do have the ability to expand the options they have.


Why Serving USA?: Freedom Through Education (FTE) is a leading organization in the reentry space, and as your name suggests, FTE's mission includes expanding options for the justice-involved and/or disadvantaged communities. How is partnering with Serving USA a benefit to your work?

Having partners is critical in the accomplishments and success of any organization. Partnering with Serving USA has been a blessing in as much in that they believe in what we do. They believe in second chances, and they help us succeed in our mission in giving second and sometimes third chances.


Emotional/Spiritual Health: How do you maintain your drive and passion to be an advocate and leader in the reentry and recovery community?

Maintaining drive comes from a foundation of service and commitment. As an individual who was once homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol, I personally know the demons that affect the addicted individual. But I also know there is a way out and that by finding humiliation as an asset and not a hinderance one can learn to live a life beyond their wildest expectations. I wake up every morning thanking God for another day sober and the opportunity to share the gift with others.


Advice for Success: Your life and professional experiences make you an absolute subject matter expert in life transformations. What piece of advice might you offer someone in the Serving USA community to help them also reach a goal or make a positive change?

Be the change you want to see in others! Want better employees? Become a better leader! Want to get through to your kids better? Become available to your children more! Want a lasting and fulfilled marriage? Invest your time in each other with time and sacrifice! Nothing excellent comes from lounging around expecting change. The motto I live by is: Always Forward! Even if you fail, make sure to fail forward, that way you will be that much closer to your dream… In the end, JESUS wins, so we should be worried about nothing and only eager for everything HE has to offer us…. AMEN!

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Each month Serving USA publishes a newsletter featuring our amazing ministry partners. We are so blessed by them as they work to make an impact with veterans, women in recovery and individuals who have been incarcerated.


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