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Highlighting Women Leaders During Women's History Month

March 24, 2022. Camas, WA. Serving USA (SUSA) celebrates and honors their women-led partners trailblazing the nonprofit industry through the word of the Lord during Women's History Month.

One partner, Community Justice Center (CJC), is led by Director Kimberly Gragston and seeks to advance community safety, shared responsibility, and healing through evidence-based programming, research, and community-wide training. Personally, Kimberly shares that she is a survivor of intimate violence and views that experience as a resource to others in need. She considers the people who have been ostracized due to stigma or past actions and aims to provide genuine support to motivate them toward an optimistic, attainable future. Kimberly emphasizes that despite what individuals may believe, "healing is possible" when working with people who have caused severe harm.

“To young women who are feeling called to start a nonprofit, I advise you to talk to people involved in your industry and build your network. People may not always agree with you but hearing differing perspectives will help you grow,” shared Kimberly Gragston, Director of Community Justice Center.

Another notable woman in leadership among the SUSA network is Renee Arnett,

Founder and President of His House for Her (HHfH). Their mission is to share the love of

Jesus by providing trauma-informed practices in a supportive housing environment to meet

the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of at-risk women in recovery. After ten years of working in prison ministry, Renee identified a need for safe housing. By sharing her story of the counseling needed within her marriage and personal development, she began to heal from her past and created a vision of the future. As of January 2021, HHfH proudly purchased their dream house, with the ability to buy five more to house a total of 48 women.

“If you feel called to serve in something you are unfamiliar or inexperienced in, research everything you can about the community,” stated Renee Arnett, Founder and President of His House for Her. “If it stays in your heart and doesn't go away, that is a sign you are meant to do it.”

Angie Bright is the Executive Director of SUSA partner Wings of Refuge (WoF). WoF is a Christ-

centered organization that provides opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking. Angie began her journey as a volunteer in 2017 and did whatever she could behind the scenes to increase

WoF's reach and increase the size of the home for women. A few years later, she left her

commercial loan career of 16 years to become the Executive Director of Wings of Refuge,

bringing her financial literacy to the table to teach women about managing money.

“Prayer and teamwork are significant when it comes to starting a nonprofit. One quote that really resonates with me is ‘We walk humbly in our brokenness as we grow together,’” shared Angie Bright, Executive Director of Wings of Refuge.

About SUSA:

Serving USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, committed to building a community of empathy and activism for those who are forgotten and most in need of assistance. Providing over 67 organizations across the United States with financial support, Serving USA brings Grace and Redemption through Christ to Prisoners, Women in Recovery and Military Veterans. We support a network of exceptional partner organizations with funding and other management resources to create, enhance and expand high-quality, evidence-based, transformational programs. For more information, and to learn about all partners, please visit


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