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View from our newsletter archives as we spotlight providing grace and redemption through Christ for prisoners, women in recovery, and military veterans.

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June 2024

Serving USA is spotlighting partners such as Fresh Coast Alliance, Josh Levine from Powerhouse Ministries, and Salt & Light, who continue to bring healing and restoration to the brokenhearted through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   


May 2024

This month, Serving USA highlights partners such as JerNe Ministries, Josh Jonas from Arukah, and Stephanie Berry from His House for Her, who continue to serve the Kingdom of God powerfully within their communities in need.


April 2024

Serving USA is featuring partners such as FreedomWorks, Debbie Martis from Rebirth Homes, Warrior Testimonials from Mighty Oaks Foundation, and SkyRose Ranch. These ministry partners showcase the impactful service that is rebuilding and restoring lives within their communities.


March 2024

This month features Serving USA partners that spotlight the need being fulfilled through the love of Jesus Christ. Impactful partners such as God Behind Bars, Jay Cory from Along Side Ministries, Bob Stevenson from World Impact’s Church-based Seminary Director-TUMI. Read more about what the Lord is doing through each ministry!


February 2024

Serving USA spotlights partners that continue to sow seeds of hope, faith, and healing into people’s lives, reaping the impactful testimonies within this month's newsletter. Partners such as Kevin Bailey from Stir Up the Kingdom Ministries (SUTK), Michael Lee from Oasis Center, Testimonies from The RECH Foundation, and so much more!


January 2024

Serving USA highlights partners for the 2024 new year such as The God of Hope Ministries, Amy Barch from Turn90, Jeremy Stewart from TUMI, and so much more who continue to be faithful to the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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December 2023

Serving USA partners such as Marjaree Mason Center, Mike Cross from Free On The Outside, new edition Author Highlights and so much more continue to be impactors to the Kingdom of God for restoration and healing in people’s lives.


November 2023

This month featured partners are National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance (NTSA, Jodie M. Grenier from Foundation for Women Warriors, and Pillar of Fire. These ministries highlight the transformative power of God through people’s lives being changed and restored. 


September 2023

Serving USA is featuring wonderful partners this month, such as Shawntelle Fisher from The SoulFisher Ministries, Scott McLean from Pathway to Freedom, Inc., and Dr. Emery Ailes from LIFELINE University on a mission to building the Kingdom of God by saving the lost and redeeming their stories!

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October 2023

Serving USA is featuring partners this month, such as Firm Foundations, Pastor Mike Casey from The Bridge Restoration Ministry, and Welcome Home SIS with an impactful mission to give glory to God.

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August 2023

This month, Serving USA is featuring partners such as Community Justice Center, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, The Cell Church, and so much more! They demonstrate restorative practices that greatly impact and heal communities around them.


July 2023

Serving USA partners such as SkyRose Cattle Co., Romney Ruder from Lifeline Global, Susan Burton from A New Way of Life, and so much more continue to be trailblazers for transformation and healing in people’s lives.


June 2023

Serving USA partners such as Changed Choices, Dr. James E. Palmer III from  Orange County Rescue Mission, Testimony Ministries, and so much more continue to make a powerful impact within their communities.

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May 2023

This month, Serving USA explores impactful ministry partners such as Steve Rubin from WAVES, Jenny and Evan Owens from REBOOT Recovery, and Mighty Oaks Foundation that transforms people’s lives through the love of Jesus.

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April 2023

Each month, Serving USA provides information, encouragement, and new opportunities for those interested in helping others and loving their neighbors. Explore our featured partners with Carmen Garcia from Root & Rebound, Laura Suk from NorthEast of the Well, and more!


March 2023

Our partners continue to make an amazing Kingdom Impact, and we're excited to share their stories with you once again! 

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February 2023

This month we are featuring some powerful ministries that are making a great impact with communities who have a need to know Jesus more deeply! Explore Q+A's and our featured partners.

Celebrating New Year

January 2023

We have arrived again to greet a new year. With curiosity, it is in our human nature, as explorers and wanderers, to reach out, to touch, and embrace the unexpected. Serving USA views new experiences as opportunities for growth, which can bring knowledge about ourselves and the world around us.

Image by Zac Durant

December 2022

At year's end, we pause to reflect on its magnitude and extend gratitude for what has transpired. We also recognize the collective impact we have made, as Serving USA has united missions with our partners, working together to serve those in need in our communities.

Image by Crystal Huff

November 2022

While post-traumatic stress can be experienced by a variety of individuals including first responders, abuse victims, and prisoners, we would like to highlight the challenges veterans face upon their return to U.S. soil.

Image by Nadine Shaabana

October 2022

A persistent worldwide problem, domestic violence knows no boundaries. Affecting ten million Americans every year, familial and domestic violence touches on every culture, race, religion, and class via physical and/or emotional abuse, inflicting pain through controlling behaviors of power and dominance.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

September 2022

After completing a sentence of imprisonment, walking out of the prison gates is a powerful and emotional time for someone just released. Ideally, they reunite there with friends and loved ones to embrace their freedom after time spent apart. Perhaps cathartic and certainly meaningful, many believe this is when their new life begins. 

Holding Hands

August 2022

Addiction and dependency appear in a variety of forms, including problem gambling, compulsive shopping, digital addiction, and drug or alcohol abuse. Nearly 15% of Americans are caught up in at least one addictive behavior (1) and many people function in their addiction with what appears to be “normal behavior.”

Throwing Caps

July 2022

Prison systems in the United States have traditionally focused on punishment and only more recently have they engaged in rehabilitation. With recidivism rates near 70%, successful reentry can prove to be an elusive goal. But if society desires a different outcome, it is important to recognize and overcome the barriers that exist to successful reentry.

Together Again

June 2022

Since 1980 when Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was officially recognized medically as a condition of major significance and appeared as an operational diagnosis, the concept and long-reaching tentacles of PTSD have continued to evolve. As awareness and acceptance of the realities of this condition subsist, experts are working to find healthier ways to cope with and heal from exposures to significant trauma.

Image by sydney Rae

May 2022

Serving USA is honored to support veterans as many of them carry the trauma of war with them as they navigate civilian life. In fact, about 21 veterans commit suicide each day when the burden becomes too much to bear.


April 2022

The National Office for Victims of Crime annually sets aside one week every April to honor victims and the professionals who work to support them. This year’s theme: “Rights, access, equity for all victims”.


March 2022

Across the country Serving USA has partnered with faith-based organizations as well as government entities to support successful reentry for ex-offenders.

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Febraury 2022

In the month of February, a handful of Serving USA's women in recovery partners will be partnering with the Super Bowl.

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January 2022

Serving USA partners with the most recognized professionals working to prevent human trafficking and slavery in the United States. We have seen prevention begins with education and awareness, and the organizations we support work diligently to offer trainings, resources, and outreach in their communities.

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December 2021

Nonprofit organizations rely on end of year giving to provide their annual funds and keep their doors open, and contributions are critical.

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November 2021

Since the conception of our foundation, Serving USA has been proud to support veterans. This month, we would like to thank the veterans across America. 


September 2021

Along with everything pumpkin spice flavored, Autumn’s arrival also brings a season of reunions as many of us gingerly step out of isolation, head Back to School or return to in-person work...


August 2021

Addictions can have such a powerful and destructive influence on a person’s life. Once it takes hold, it becomes the master and requires continual feeding. Overcoming addictions is very difficult...


July 2021

Consider standing on a sidewalk, recently released from incarceration, having no photo ID, no Social Security Card, no bank account, and possibly owing back child support and restitution...

Serving USA Free copy.png

June 2021

Post-traumatic Stress Awareness Month offers a reminder that while sufferers might feel helpless and alone in their experience, PTS is a common anxiety disorder which can be treated and recovered...


May 2021

This month we join grieving families in honoring military personnel whose lives were lost during their service in the United States Armed Forces. As our country enjoys Memorial Day weekend, parades...


October 2021

On average, every minute of each day 24 Americans will be victims of violence extended from the hands of a loved one. Recognizing the thousands of innocent people being mistreated daily-- tens of millions annually...

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