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May 2022

Serving USA is honored to support veterans as many of them carry the trauma of war with them as they navigate civilian life. In fact, about 21 veterans commit suicide each day when the burden becomes too much to bear.



April 2022

The National Office for Victims of Crime annually sets aside one week every April to honor victims and the professionals who work to support them. This year’s theme: “Rights, access, equity for all victims”.



March 2022

Across the country Serving USA has partnered with faith-based organizations as well as government entities to support successful reentry for ex-offenders


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February 2022

In the month of February, a handful of Serving USA's women in recovery partners will be partnering with the Super Bowl.


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January 2022

Serving USA partners with the most recognized professionals working to prevent human trafficking and slavery in the United States. We have seen prevention begins with education and awareness, and the organizations we support work diligently to offer trainings, resources, and outreach in their communities.


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December 2021

Nonprofit organizations rely on end of year giving to provide their annual funds and keep their doors open, and contributions are critical. 


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November 2021

Since the conception of our foundation, Serving USA has been proud to support veterans. This month, we would like to thank the veterans across America. 



October 2021

On average, every minute of each day 24 Americans will be victims of violence extended from the hands of a loved one. Recognizing the thousands of innocent people being mistreated daily-- tens of millions annually...


September 2021

Along with everything pumpkin spice flavored, Autumn’s arrival also brings a season of reunions as many of us gingerly step out of isolation, head Back to School or return to in-person work...


August 2021

Addictions can have such a powerful and destructive influence on a person’s life. Once it takes hold, it becomes the master and requires continual feeding. Overcoming addictions is very difficult...


July 2021

Consider standing on a sidewalk, recently released from incarceration, having no photo ID, no Social Security Card, no bank account, and possibly owing back child support and restitution...

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June 2021

Post-traumatic Stress Awareness Month offers a reminder that while sufferers might feel helpless and alone in their experience, PTS is a common anxiety disorder which can be treated and recovered...


May 2021

This month we join grieving families in honoring military personnel whose lives were lost during their service in the United States Armed Forces. As our country enjoys Memorial Day weekend, parades...