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Serving USA began partnering with World Impact and Prison Fellowship to bring World Impact’s The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) into the California State prisons in 2013. TUMI is a 16-module curriculum that takes typically 3.5 years to complete and is taught at the seminary level in over 12 different accredited colleges. It is designed specifically to lay the knowledge and a character base to equip men and women for urban ministry and church leadership. TUMI prepares men and women for a life beyond bars and equips them to be culture changers within the prison itself.

4,508 inmates in 52 prisons, through 85 distinct TUMI programs, across 13 States have participated in TUMI.


“I am amazed at the fruit we are experiencing through Serving USA’s return-on-investment in TUMI in prisons. Men and women are being transformed through the modules in lively cohorts which teach the Word of God, Christian character and service, and reconciliation and wholeness through our mentors. This training bears witness to the power of Christ to impact prison cultures, and to change inmates’ perspectives and paths as they grow together as his disciples inside the Church-inside-the-walls.” 

Reverend Dr. Don Davis

The Power of TUMI in Prisons

TUMI has proven success in changing prison culture for the better. TUMI equips and empowers men and women within facilities, bringing powerful tools to allow prisons to put differences aside and come together as a unit.

Serving USA Prisoners 2_edited.jpg

The Power of TUMI in Prisoners

Not only does TUMI build comradery within a facility, it builds leaders providing men and women with education, tools for success and a solid foundation to make a difference in their lives and surrounding communities.


Through restoration in Christ, TUMI equips men and women for productive futures, reversing the cycle of crime and incarceration.

Photo Creds: Prison Fellowship

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