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Serving USA Highlights Partners’ Success to Rescue Minors from Sex Trafficking

This month, Serving USA wishes to highlight our partners who have made outstanding progress in their efforts to rescue and support those who are subject to human trafficking.

Forced labor is defined by The International Labour Organization as work performed involuntarily and under the menace of any penalty. This includes coercion by means of violence, intimidation, or even threats of denunciation to immigration authorities. Per a 2016 study by the ILO, it is estimated that 40.3 million people worldwide are victims of modern slavery. Women and girls are disproportionally affected by forced labor, accounting for 99% of victims of sex trafficking and 58% in other forced labor such as domestic work, construction, and agriculture.

It is speculated that significant events such as the Super Bowl or NCAA Final Four are targets for human traffickers because of the large influx of people who flock to one location during the events. However, this tragic issue exists year-round.

To combat these statistics, the South Los Angeles Anti Trafficking Committee (SLAATC) was established in 2022 to coordinate resources and support during the Superbowl. Together, fourteen organizations were recruited to provide services in LA surrounding Superbowl weekend, including emergency response teams, temporary housing, transportation, outreach, trauma-informed counseling, and managing a 24-7 hotline. Through SLAATC's Operation Reclaim and Rebuild, 78 victims were reached, 8 of which were minors.

Ruby Ma, Director of Development and Communication of NorthEast of the Well (NEOTW), discussed her experience the night of the Superbowl as "hostile and dark" as she recalled spotting a minor female. Their team was able to call the task force for a rescue operation and save her and later learned the individual was only fifteen years old.

Resources and support are needed year-round to rebuild the lives of these individuals once they are removed from their toxic situation. Serving USA is proud to partner with organizations that can offer rehabilitative care and support through a vast array of programs specific to the needs of the individuals they serve.

NEOTW is a Christ-centered worshiping community whose aim is to inspire each person they serve to return to their community with the message of Christ and empower those caught up in cycles of addiction, abuse, incarceration, and sexual exploitation by guiding them to discover a new identity and step into their purpose. A 2021 report showed that their efforts have reached 2148 women, served 140 meals, and distributed 1500 rescue bags to women in need.

NEOTW partners with community organizations to train churches and social leaders with trauma knowledge to engage with victims in their communities safely. They continue support through "Outcasts to Witness," a weekly program that includes Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship, and large group gatherings for over 350 individuals who are in detox programs, sober living homes, re-entry/transition living, human trafficking safe houses, jails, and detention centers. Additionally, they offer Steps to Success, a 10-week job readiness and life skills course.

His House for Her shares the love of Jesus by providing trauma-informed practices in a supportive housing environment to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of at-risk women in recovery. Through 12-15 month supportive housing programs, participants gain access to education to heal, recover, and move forward under the guidance of faith-based program leaders. Areas of work include Temperament Education, Addiction Recovery, Understanding Anger/Conflict Resolution, Self-Worth, Boundaries, Post-Abortive Healing, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and training in Socializing, Exercise, Nutrition, Life Skills, Self-care, Parenting, Budgeting, Time Management, and Goal Setting.

His House for Her Founder and President Renee Arnett shared that when it comes to starting an organization, "Don't give up, even when it's hard. If God has called you to do something he is going to make the way" and that when kickstarting her program, "If I didn't know- I found the person that did. I didn't let what I didn't know to stop me."

Serving USA (SUSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to bring grace and redemption through Christ to incarcerated individuals, women in recovery, and military veterans through a supported network of exceptional partner organizations. SUSA provides funding support and other management resources to create, enhance, and expand high-quality, evidence-based transformational programs.

Join us at Serving USA to partner with the exceptional network of organizations that are "committed to building a community of empathy and activism for those who are forgotten and most in need of assistance."

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