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Serving USA President's Corner with Greg Bruce

Serving USA President Greg Bruce provides an update via his President's Corner. "It is often said knowledge is power"

Serving USA Is Helping Fund Ministries That Equip Incarcerated Men and Women

Many incarcerated men and women are looking for the tools to powerfully change from the life they have lived to the one that God intended for them. The root of that change is a heart turned toward Christ. As Christians, we know that

"Jesus can draw men and women near to Him and the Holy Spirit can transform a person from the inside."

Transformational Change Through Jesus For Incarcerated People

Serving USA provides funding for faith based ministries reaching incarcerated men and women

Once change occurs, a person needs to be equipped for their journey ahead. The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) is a comprehensive college-level curriculum that equips men and women to serve God where they are and in their community. TUMI is a four-year, 16-class program developed by World Impact to prepare individuals who may not otherwise have access to college-level theological training. Once in the program, individuals can discover how they are uniquely called to serve God and become equipped to serve well. Though it’s not designed as an in-prison program alone, TUMI has become a robust foundation for in-prison ministry training.

TUMI Prison Ministry Is Getting Fantastic Results

Serving USA works with TUMI to reach incarcerated men and women for Jesus

The measure of any program is the fruit it bears. While the recidivism rate for the general prison population is between 50-60%, TUMI graduates return to prison at a rate of less than 5% over the last decade. That is one reason why Serving USA is honored to support and partner with organizations that deliver this exceptional training in prisons across the country. Serving USA is supporting and funding TUMI programming in 76 prisons across the United States. There are currently 3,718 inmates in 137 TUMI classes nationwide.


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