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Serving USA Ministry Spotlight: National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance

We're Proud To Support A Ministry Partner Helping Human Trafficking Victims to Recover From Trauma

NTSA is a trafficking ministry that is helping to provide resources to victims of human trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing criminal industries in the world, with thousands of men, women, and children being trafficked right here in the U.S. This problem generates a desperate need for thousands of survivors to find a safe place where they can heal and experience high quality, trauma-informed care.

Yet the system to connect victims to critical services is outdated and inefficient - often taking weeks for a trafficking victim to find a service and get to safety.

That’s why NTSA, the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance, created its Alliance Referral System (ARS). ARS bridges the gap between trafficking victims in need and the shelters that walk alongside them on their healing journeys.

With just one online form, the ARS team matches survivors’ individual needs to the available shelters in their network of 137 services within 24hours. Those matching programs can then reach out to the survivor directly if they have an opening.

The Alliance Referal System (ARS) is a Ministry that Empowers Survivors

The Alliance Referral System is a ministry that is helping to resource the problem of human trafficking

ARS empowers survivors to make an informed decision on the next steps in their journey and find the right program fit for them.

This system has significantly changed what seeking help now looks like for survivors and momentum is growing. This past September, NTSA facilitated its 2,000th referral, and with an average growth rate of 30% each year, referrals continue to increase rapidly. But these referrals are so much more than numbers. Each referral represents a survivor in need

taking a brave and powerful step on their healing journey after experiencing significant trauma within the commercial sex trade. Each one is an individual with their own story, hopes, and dreams - all from different walks of life - but all seeking a similar path towards a new beginning.

“A friend of mine who is also in the life told me I could find help with you guys”. - Survivor who used ARS.

One of the common ways survivors connect with ARS is through prison outreach. A large portion of the referrals NTSA receives come from survivors who are currently incarcerated, on parole or probation, have open or pending investigations, are in diversion programs, or have outstanding warrants.

Helping Survivors to Find Shelter and Legal Resources

Trafficking ministry in action: helping survivors find shelter and legal resources

Victims of trafficking are often coerced into criminal activities through threats, violence, or manipulation. Under the control of a trafficker, they can be forced to engage in illegal acts or resort to criminal activities for survival.

For these survivors, placement in a shelter means access to trauma therapy, job training, a safe place to stay, and even legal services that can clear their record from crimes they were forced to commit during their exploitation.

“I cannot explain how very grateful I am. This will change mylife and make me whole again.” - Survivor Who Used ARS

As the anti-trafficking field continues to evolve, NTSA is leading the charge to shift ARS

into a groundbreaking tech solution that directly connects survivors in need with the largest collective database of trafficking-specific shelters nationwide.

NTSA is Using Technology to Help Bring Survivors to Safety

NTSA is Using Technology to Help Bring Survivors of Human Trafficking to Safety

To do this, NTSA is working with Microsoft volunteers to develop TIRA®.

TIRA, or Trafficking Interruption Resource Agent, is NTSA’s in-progress mobile app that will function as a bridge to safety for survivors of trafficking. Once fully developed, this app will take the place of NTSA’s current Alliance Referral System (ARS), providing a safe, accessible, trauma-sensitive, and confidential way for survivors to find current openings that match their self-identified needs and preferences.

Similar to how travel sites can match the detailed needs of a specific traveler with the ideal mix of products (transportation, hotel rooms, car rentals, etc.), TIRA will be able to easily identify available resources that meet the exact needs of each survivor as an individual (supervision level, faith preference, location, specialized services, etc.). Having an accurate, real-time view of services available will forever change the anti-trafficking field - empowering survivors to find hope at the touch of a button.

Help The Cause and Donate to Sheltered Alliance: Support Victims of Human Trafficking

Help the cause and donate

NTSA’s team is currently working with an incredible group of volunteers from Microsoft to make this groundbreaking technology a reality, but they need more help and funding to make that possible!

If you’re interested in supporting survivors on their healing journey, you can learn more and donate to NTSA at:

The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance is a network of service providers committed to enhancing services and increasing access to care for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Serving USA is honored to have NTSA a trafficking ministry partner.


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