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Testimony Ministries - Annual Reunion

Group of people holding a Testimony Ministries banner

The annual Testimony Reunion is a

celebration of freedom!

This reunion is for Testimonies from all over

California and beyond to re-gather after

incarceration with community allies, prison

chaplains-volunteers, families, and local

churches to fellowship, network, and celebrate

the amazing things that God has done!

This reunion also brings together community support for these ministries and leaders,

as well as celebrate the great things that God is doing with ministries that advocate for believers who have been incarcerated to pursue God's call.

Testimony Ministries participants

Testimony Ministries is committed to partnering with God and others to seek gospel-centered justice. We do this by supporting believers who have been incarcerated (i.e., "Testimonies"), to be empowered in pursuing God's call despite the barriers that exist from having a criminal

record and traumatic backgrounds.

Testimony Ministries is doing this in 3 ways:

1) Pre-Release Discipleship

Our "Empowered Inside" course, in partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary,

offers incarcerated students an interactive practical theology course with intensive support for personal and leadership formation.

This course creates greater access to continue their theological training and studies and greater access to higher education.

Qualified students can transfer this course to Fuller Seminary for 4 units toward a master’s degree program.

Testimony Ministries graduation

2) Reentry Discipleship

We are a grass-roots gospel-centered community of formerly incarcerated Testimonies and allies that welcome returning citizens home, serving as a support network, providing peer mentorship, life skills development opportunities, hands-on ministry training, and housing.

We are the change we seek,

and we believe God is mobilizing our community to do for ourselves what only we can do through our lived experience, to expand this gospel movement together.

3) Church Planting

Our vision is to empower urban leaders to multiply Testimony Church Houses into a network that will mobilize Jesus' followers to seek gospel-centered justice and transform communities all over with the redemptive power of the gospel.

The Testimony Reunion is a space and place where Testimonies can regather and motivate one another,

and where those who are committed to supporting what God is doing in the incarcerated community and the lives of returning citizens, can grow in their allyship for our community.

Testimony Ministries Reunion

We advocate for the voice of Testimonies to be centered, for the leadership and ministries of Testimonies to be supported, and for the Great Commission to be advanced by transforming our communities by demonstrating the redemptive power of the gospel.

We believe God is doing great things and invite all to be a part of it!
Testimony Ministries logo

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